6 Backyard Game Court Design Ideas

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6 Backyard Game Court Design Ideas

6 Backyard Game Court Design Ideas

For far too long, the backyard has been an area of the home reserved for sheer lawn maintenance. From makeshift soccer goals to amateur volleyball nets, athletic families often have to get creative when it comes to practicing their favorite sports in the backyard.

But if you’re a family that’s committed to staying active and engaging in recreational activities, why not double down on your athletic commitment and transform your backyard into the ultimate sports utopia?

There are a wide variety of outdoor game court designs you can build and install in your backyard, depending on the available space. In fact, building a backyard game court is much more accessible than you think it is. If you need some inspiration for designing your very own at-home game court to build in your backyard, check out these six backyard game court design ideas below!

1) Custom Basketball Court

Looking to perfect your free throw shot? Whether you have room for a full-size or half-court, you can definitely design a customized basketball court to be built in your backyard. You can practice your game with your friends in privacy or invite the whole neighborhood for a weekend tournament. Best of all: You won’t have to adhere to local gym hours to play basketball with friends. Just step outside, and you’re ready to play!

2) Game Court with Patio Space

Need your backyard game court to be more inclusive? Set up spectator space around your outdoor court by installing a contemporary patio beside it! Style up the space with comfortable chairs, an electric fire pit, and lighting to create the ultimate sports-viewing ambiance. If you choose to illuminate your backyard game court, you can keep playing well into the night while all your friends or family hang out on the patio.

3) Backyard Tennis Court

Is tennis more your game? We can do that too! Backyard tennis courts are a great way to get cardio and practice without leaving your home. You can even design your tennis court to be a multi-purpose game court by having a removable net or basketball hoop installed!

4) Outdoor Putting Green

Want to bring the country club to your backyard? If you prefer golf, you can keep up with your putting game by installing a putting green in your backyard! You can practice putting when you don’t have time to play a full game of golf, or customize your very own clubhouse home where you and your friends can enjoy your game in private.

5) Customized Bocce Ball Court

Have you ever tried to play bocce ball in your backyard when your grass was too long? Needless to say, it doesn’t work very well. That’s why you should consider installing a professional bocce ball court in your backyard. Bocce ball is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, and it’s even more fun when you have a sleek, professionally-inspired court to play on.

6) Outdoor Pickleball Court

Ever heard of pickleball? It’s a unique game that combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong elements. Did you know that you can install a customized pickleball court in your backyard? Dreams do come true! You can play with two or four players, making it a great way to spend time with family and friends. Introduce your neighborhood to this great game at your own home!

Contact C&C Courts for Custom Game Court Design

These ideas are only a sample of the available game court designs that C&C Courts can bring to your backyard. Be sure to check out our gallery for more inspiration on potential backyard game court designs, and if you need more information, call us at 952-746-4545 or email us through our website.