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Commercial Tennis Court Installation in Wisconsin

Your Go-To Wisconsin Commercial Tennis Court Builder

C&C Courts specializes in custom commercial tennis court builder services that help Wisconsin schools, businesses, and other commercial spaces cater to the community. Contact us today to start designing your new, high performance commercial tennis court!

About Our Commercial Tennis Courts

  • Professional-Quality Playing Surfaces
    Our team of experienced tennis court designers will build you a commercial tennis court that allows you to play like a pro!
  • Superior Surfaces Equals Superior Safety
    Players of all ages and skill levels will benefit from playing on the most supportive and safe commercial tennis courts available on the market.
  • Customize Your Tennis Playing Experience
    From indoor tennis courts for your local rec center to resurfacing your existing outdoor country club tennis court, C&C Courts can customize every aspect of your new court.

View Our Commercial Tennis Court Work

Top Quality Commercial Tennis Court Resurfacing Services

After school practice, senior living tournaments, public park camps; Every commercial space can use a professionally designed and installed tennis court courtesy of C&C Courts!

If you’re interested in replacing your old acrylic, concrete, or asphalt game courts and recreation spaces with a versatile, modular outdoor playing surface, C&C Courts has you covered! We provide professional tennis court resurfacing services all throughout Wisconsin for just about every commercial space possible.

Using only the most innovative surface materials ensures the utmost safety and support for every player that steps on the court. And with our flexible financing options, no-hassle estimates, and exclusive warranties on all indoor and outdoor game court projects, we do whatever it takes to ensure complete customer satisfaction with all our commercial clients.

Upgrade your existing tennis court or install a brand new one today with C&C Courts!

Protect Your Community Investment With the C&C Courts Advantage

At C&C Courts, we view tennis courts as more than just a means for getting in some exercise and physical activity. Commercial tennis courts can serve as recreational hubs that bring communities closer together, encouraging a healthy lifestyle for players of all ages and skill levels!

That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that your recreational investment in your community is as protected as possible, by offering a variety of complementary features and benefits!

Patented Technologies

From increased shock absorption to the highest impact rating in the industry, our commercial tennis courts are tested to the limits for renowned durability, strength, and support.

Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology is engineered to allow for subtle movement between each interlocking tile, which in turn works toward reducing stress on joints from sudden changes in direction, ultimately reducing the risks of muscle and joint injuries.

Proven Experience

At C&C Courts, we’ve been designing and installing superior commercial tennis courts all across the world for over 30 years!

With over 100,000 game court installation projects to our name, you can rest assured you’re in good hands when you trust us for your next commercial tennis court building project.

Seamless Installation

Looking to design a custom commercial tennis court and have it installed at your commercial space, all within the same week?

With our team of athletic flooring specialists, you can take advantage of our swift, seamless installation process that can get the ball rolling on installing a brand new tennis court surface, faster than any of our competition!

Protective Warranties

We understand how much of an investment a brand new tennis court can be for your commercial enterprise. That’s why every commercial tennis court we install is backed by our exclusive warranties, designated to protect your investment from any unforeseen wear and tear, while giving you more peace of mind moving forward.

Sustainable Materials

Our commercial tennis courts aren’t just built for safe, competitive play! We can construct your brand new tennis court utilizing sustainable materials that are completely recyclable, so you can do your part to contribute to a more eco-friendly community.


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