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Commercial Multi-Sport Court Services in Wisconsin

Customize Your Commercial Multi-Purpose Gym Flooring!

C&C Courts boasts over 30 years of experience transforming indoor/outdoor commercial spaces into multi-sport athletic environments! For custom commercial design and installation, contact us today for a free quote! - View Brochure

About Our Commercial Multi-Sport Courts

  • Designed for Maximum Performance & Endurance
    From withstanding heavy foot traffic to providing low-maintenance solutions, our custom-made commercial multi-sport courts are built to last!
  • Superior Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces
    Our wide range of cutting edge athletic flooring technologies and surface materials are designed to minimize injury risk and increase overall support.
  • Swift & Seamless Installation Process
    Need a new indoor or outdoor multi-sport court as fast as possible? Our team of commercial game court experts will have your new court up and running in no time!

View Our Commercial Multi-Sport Court Work

Long-Lasting Recreational Investments for Your Community

Our versatile multi-purpose gym flooring is built to last, offering spaces from schools, rec centers, public parks, or any other commercial spaces the opportunity to unite their communities by encouraging various forms of recreational activity.

Whether you’re trying to build a hybrid indoor game court for basketball and volleyball action, or you’re looking to construct the ultimate outdoor pickleball and tennis game court, C&C Courts has the team, equipment, and resources to bring your commercial multi-sport court dreams to life!

Design Your Perfect Court

C&C Courts implements cutting edge technologies into all the materials that go into our indoor and outdoor game court surfaces, so you can pick and choose which type of flooring best suits your performance and safety needs.

And with our Design-a-Court technology, you can take the driver’s seat when it comes to customizing every aspect of your commercial multi-sport game court, from the colors to the sizing dimensions.

At C&C Courts, we want to provide our Wisconsin communities with long-lasting recreational investments that will contribute to a healthier, more active lifestyle for all residents to take advantage of. No matter what sports or activities you want your multi-sport court to cater toward, our team of athletic flooring design and installation experts will have you covered!

Surfaces for All Sports & Seasons

Finding the right athletic flooring surface for your commercial multi-sport court means knowing how to cater to the performance and safety requirements of the participants you’re looking to accommodate.

From elementary school recess to competitive tournament weekends, we specialize in matching your commercial space with the perfect indoor or outdoor surface that will withstand a variety of sports and activities, season after season.

We specialize in designing and installing commercial indoor and outdoor multi-sport courts that boast a variety of performance advantages!

Superior Safety

Every flooring system is crafted with our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, which is designed to reduce stress on joints and muscles and significantly minimize injury risk.

Our multi-court athletic surfaces are also extensively tested to ensure players of all ages are safe and supported when competing on our surfaces.

Renowned Versatility

We install multi-sport game courts that are constructed with versatility and flexibility in mind, giving commercial spaces plenty of ways to accommodate their surroundings.

In addition to a wide variety of sports and recreational activities, our surfaces are great facilities looking to host any other group activity or gatherings, and you’ll never have to worry about damaging or diminishing the condition of your flooring.

Minimal Maintenance

Top performance, minimal upkeep. Our multi-sport game courts are integrated with our durable SportGuard™ advanced multi-layer surface treatment, preserving the look and feel of your multi-sport court without having to invest significant time and money into maintaining its pristine condition.


By designing and installing athletic flooring that can accommodate practically any sport or event, you can drastically reduce upfront construction costs and maintenance fees that are typically associated with expensive athletic flooring installation projects.

The more money you can save on your multi-sport flooring investment, the more money you’ll have to fund other areas of your commercial space.


What better feeling is there than knowing your brand new, high performance multi-sport game court is also contributing to a more sustainable planet?

We have several athletic flooring surfaces that are made entirely from recycled materials, giving you one more way you can give back to your community.

Get the Ball Rolling on Your Multi-Sport Court Installation Today!

Ready to upgrade your commercial space? Contact us today and our team will get to work right away on designing and installing your long-lasting community investment!


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