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Commercial Indoor & Outdoor Athletic Courts In Wisconsin

Custom Court Designs for Uniting Communities

From packing the school gymnasium for a spirited evening of basketball or building a state of the art tennis court to help community members stay active, C&C Courts has the experience, team, and resources you need to take your recreational athletic court or gym flooring to the next level! Our custom commercial court designs will bring your community closer together while promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Custom Commercial Courts for All Types of Recreation

For over 30 years, C&C Courts has helped promote more active and healthier lifestyles within Wisconsin neighborhoods by building state-of-the-art commercial athletic court and gym flooring designs. Our innovative athletic flooring surfaces are built to last and accommodate all types of recreational activities, including our most popular sports and games below.

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About Our Commercial Courts & Gyms

  • Innovative Surfaces Built to Last
    From competitive volleyball courts to school weight rooms, we design and install innovative athletic flooring surfaces that are proven to provide maximum endurance, performance, and safety.
  • Extensive Experience & High Quality Craftsmanship
    We’re proud to have been providing state-of-the-art court surfaces and athletic flooring installation all throughout Wisconsin for over 30 years.
  • Invest in Your Community’s Physical & Mental Health
    We strive to create more neighborhood environments suited for recreational activities that will bring community members together while helping promote a healthier, happier lifestyle for all our Wisconsin neighbors.

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Building a Brighter Future for Wisconsin Communities

If the sounds of squeaking sneakers on a hardwood basketball court or the roars of a Friday night crowd give you goosebumps, then we’re definitely playing for the same team. C&C Courts is committed to helping bring more Wisconsin communities together by building and installing high-performance indoor and outdoor game courts that are engineered for top performance while emphasizing unity.

Whether you’re looking to host competitive sporting tournaments or simply hoping to create a recreational environment the whole neighborhood can enjoy, we believe that building custom commercial game courts are a long-lasting investment in your community’s future.

That’s why we only focus on delivering our clients with the most advanced, revolutionary athletic flooring surface options designed to improve the performance and comfort of all those who play upon it, ensuring the utmost safety and support possible.

Be sure to check out all of our innovative athletic surface options to find the flooring your recreational facility needs to thrive!

Sports Surfaces for Every Season

The unsung hero of every basketball game, volleyball tournament, or wrestling match is the athletic flooring that hosts all the recreational activity that takes place on top of it.

We here at C&C Courts take pride in our vast selection of sporting surfaces and gym flooring options that are tested and installed for maximum endurance, performance, and comfort.

For decades, our team of commercial court design and installation experts have been paying close attention to detail to deliver the most durable and versatile athletic gym flooring possible, with a wide range of innovative materials and technologies.

Response HG™

Tested by champions, played by professionals. Response HG™ is the premium indoor athletic flooring option that’s also the preferred choice for USA Volleyball and the NCAA Division I Volleyball Championships.

Athletes of all skill and competition levels can safely and comfortably compete on top of the patented shock absorption technology that also emphasizes optimal traction performance. Ideal for gyms, schools, and other commercial facilities looking for superior indoor athletic flooring, Response HG™ can also be installed on your premises in as little as three days!


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Maple Select™

Want the look and feel of traditional hardwood flooring, without having to deal with all the expensive and time-consuming maintenance and upkeep? Easy to clean, easy to install, Maple Select™ can give any commercial setting the professional touch of a hardwood floor, without having to go overboard on your budget or schedule.

Maple Select™

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One of the most affordable, cost-effective commercial athletic flooring surfaces available on the market, a Defense™ surface offers premium durability and endurance that can be completely customized to match your aesthetic preferences. We can offer more than 20 colors to pick and choose from to help make your new commercial court as unique and special as you want it to be!


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Outdoor community courts or recreational areas can reap the maintenance and safety benefits of a professionally installed PowerGame™ surface. Specifically engineered to reduce joint strain and muscle fatigue, PowerGame™ utilizes a patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness technology to minimize the risk of injury while maximizing athletic performance!


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If you want all the versatility and performance of PowerGame, but are looking for extra shock absorption and more color and design opportunities, PowerGame PLUS is the commercial athletic surface for you! It offers a patented double-length shock absorbing grid, which is engineered for superior safety and support, providing a safer, more secure playing surface that’s accompanied with a 15-year limited warranty.


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SportGame PB™

Designed for superior durability and longevity, SportGame PB is specially designed with competitive recreational activity in mind, while maximizing safety and reducing injury risk. With its optimized ball bounce performance and patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, SportGame PB will also reduce joint strain and muscle fatigue for all those who play upon it.

SportGame PB™

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