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Residential Putting Green Services in Wisconsin

Customize Your Indoor or Backyard Putting Green!

Practice your putting like a professional! Bring the clubhouse home with you and contact C&C Courts today to learn more about our custom putting green design and installation process!

About Our Indoor & Backyard Putting Greens

  • Customize Your Putting Surface
    Customize every last detail of your at-home putting green and capture the look and feel of your favorite golf courses!
  • High Performance Meets Minimal Maintenance
    We install putting greens that replicate the most authentic putting green experience possible, without excessive maintenance and upkeep!
  • Putt Like the Pros
    This isn’t your ordinary at-office putting mat! Perfect your putt game and lower your handicap by having all-year access to your very own custom putting green design.

View Our At-Home Putting Green Work

Superior Performance for Superior Putting!

Whether you’re looking to lower your handicap or make your backyard more recreational, nothing gets you closer to the game of golf like having unlimited access to your very own private putting green!

C&C Courts has professional-quality materials and surfaces that will make you forget about any generic-looking, artificial turf putting greens. From ball break precision to adjustable speeds, we can provide you with the most authentic putting green experience possible with our patented Natural Break Technology(TM), built for superior putting performance.

Natural Break Technology(TM)

In order to capture the most naturalistic ball travel across our synthetic green surfaces, Natural Break Technology(TM) utilizes innovative fibers that are able to direct and suspend the ball just like natural turf, allowing for optimal speed and better ball roll for every putt.

Check out our four premium putting green surface options we have to choose from below!

Par Turf

Wisconsin homeowners looking for the most cost-effective recreational putting green experience will cherish the quality and durability our Par Turf surfaces have to offer. Par Turf is designed for more casual golfers who are just starting to get acquainted with the game of golf, while relishing any chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

Par Green

Par Turf surfaces are crafted with a thick weave and foam pad that provides players with a real-grass feel that emphasizes longevity, without sacrificing performance.

Birdie Turf

Turn those pars into birdies with our innovative Birdie Turf surface, providing golfers exceptional ball control capabilities with state-of-the-art fibers engineered to influence ball roll and break.

Par Green

With its 48 ounces of tufted nylon per square yard, Birdie Turf is designed to be one of the most durable, long-lasting putting greens that’s built to last indoors or outdoors.

Eagle Turf

Premium putting performance requires cutting edge putting green technologies. Eagle Turf is our industry-leading putting green surface that’s ideal for anyone who truly commits their free time to the sport they love.

Eagle Green

Eagle Turf offers the thickest weave of knitted nylon per square yard available on the market, giving it a bold, natural green color that will accentuate the natural beauty of any backyard. The additional density of fibers also allows for a more accurate ball roll performance that will have you closing your eyes and making you feel like you’re putting at Augusta!


You don’t have to focus solely on improving your putting game. With our Fringe golf surfaces, you can compliment your indoor or outdoor putting green by surrounding it with ample opportunities to enhance your short game and chip shots.

Fringe Green

Our Fringe surface is constructed using tufted nylon and a reinforced root-zone that’s packed with artificial "blades" that are built for continuous usage, without sacrificing its natural, authentic appearance.


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