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Surfaces for Indoor & Outdoor Sports & Games

Superior Indoor & Outdoor Sports Surfaces

Every step on the court requires a superior surface to maximize performance for every sport, game, or recreational activity. At C&C Courts, we specialize in providing high performance athletic surfaces and premium gym flooring materials as our way of showing you our love of the game!

Choose Your Preferred Playing Surface

Indoor surfaces for competitive play, outdoor surfaces for maximum comfort; all of our athletic playing surfaces encompass technologies engineered to upgrade and support your preferred sporting and recreational activities. Choose between our indoor and outdoor surfaces below, and be sure to contact us to speak directly with one of our surface specialists!

About Our Sport Flooring Surfaces

  • Flexible Versatility Meets Unmatched Durability
    Shock absorption, extreme toughness, permanent performance; Our sport flooring surfaces are built to last by withstanding heavy loads and foot traffic.
  • Custom Color & Aesthetic Designs
    Customize your surface by choosing your favorite colors and line markings, or scale your surface to perfectly fit your spacing requirements.
  • Seamless Installation & Warranty Protection
    Our team of installation experts will swiftly design and install your custom surface flooring, and every project we take on is backed by exclusive warranties.

Innovative Surfaces for All Sports & Seasons

Every dribble of the ball, every squeak of the sneaker, every pivot of every shoe; There’s so much science that goes into every surface we design and install that ensures optimal athletic performance and maximum comfort and support is achieved! At C&C Courts, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to delivering our Wisconsin clients with innovative athletic playing surfaces that are custom built to last for many years to come.

We’ll work directly with you to assess and evaluate your athletic performance needs, incorporating a number of materials and technologies engineered to deliver exceptional performance results.

Shock Absorption

C&C Courts offers a number of sport surface styles that encompass shock absorption technology engineered to reduce stress on joints and muscles, while also working to decrease fatigue and improve overall energy for all those who play upon it.

Abrasion Resistant

C&C Courts understands installing new athletic flooring can be quite the investment. That’s why we implement abrasion resistant technologies into our indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, providing more protection from general wear and tear while boosting endurance for heavy foot and mechanical traffic.

Lateral Forgiveness™

Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology allows for subtle movement between interlocking floor tiles, which absorbs contact produced through swift shifts in direction during play, and ultimately reduces injury risk of injuries for the players.

UV Stabilizers

Protect your outdoor game court investment with our patented UV Stabilizer formula that keeps your surface cool and playable for temperatures up to 185°F, while also maintaining your court’s appearance and integrity summer after summer.

Reduced Skin Abrasion

Say goodbye to concrete scrapes and asphalt bruises, as our outdoor playing surfaces are designed to minimize skin-to-surface contact, significantly reducing common injuries and accidents and allowing for a safer gameplay experience.

Superior Surfaces for Superior Performance

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to designing and installing your new indoor or outdoor athletic playing surface!

Contact our team of recreational surface professionals today to learn more about all of the innovative materials and technologies we incorporate into every game court we provide.


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