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Commercial Basketball Courts for Your Community

From school gymnasiums to local rec centers, commercial basketball courts provide wider access to the sport we love and bring our communities closer together. Contact C&C Courts today to get started building a commercial basketball court that can make a difference in your Wisconsin neighborhood!

About Our Commercial Basketball Courts

  • Customize Your Commercial Court
    Pick and choose everything from your court colors to select flooring surfaces, allowing for complete customization down to every last detail.
  • Safe & Secure Athletic Flooring Surfaces
    Durable. Supportive. Comfortable. All of the cutting edge basketball court surfaces we have to offer are designed and installed for maximum player safety and security.
  • Flexible Financing Options & Warranties
    We’ll work with you on the best way to finance your commercial basketball project, offering exclusive warranties to protect your investment for years to come.

View Our Commercial Basketball Court Work

Bringing Communities Closer Together for Over 30 Years

Basketball is a game that thrives on unity, making it a sport that’s fitting for a variety of facilities, campuses, and parks that serve their communities as active, inclusive gathering spaces. We here at C&C Courts only utilize indoor and outdoor athletic flooring surfaces that emphasize supreme safety, security, and stamina, so your residents, customers, or neighbors can enjoy a more supportive recreational environment.

With over 30 years of basketball court flooring experience under our belt and over 100,000 game court projects completed worldwide, we have the team, resources, and equipment necessary to bring the passion and spirit of basketball to just about any commercial environment possible.

And with our flexible financing options and speedy installation process, we here at C&C Courts will get to work right away to start bringing your community closer together as soon as possible!

Your Court, Your Vision: Custom Basketball Court Designs

When we say custom basketball court designs, we mean it! Whether you want to show off your community’s colors or create a halfcourt logo that’s bursting with neighborhood pride, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring the vision you have for your commercial basketball court design to life.

By utilizing our Design-a-Court technology, you can pick and choose from plenty of colors, sizes, and dimensions to create a basketball court that suits your spacing and aesthetic needs. You can also check out all of our indoor and outdoor athletic flooring surfaces we have to offer, giving you more control over what appearance and performance features you wish to emphasize.

At C&C Courts, we take pride in our commitment to providing outstanding customer service for every commercial basketball court project we take on. Be sure to read our reviews to see what our previous clients have to say about our work and determination!

Court Surfaces For All Seasons & Skills

Competitive tournaments, casual pick-up games; Whatever vibe you’re trying to accommodate with your playing environment, Sport Court® C&C Courts has athletic flooring and surface options that cater to the level of play you’re trying to host.

Check out some of our more popular indoor and outdoor basketball court surfaces!


Safe, simple, and smart. Response™ is the ultimate modular sports flooring surface that’s designed with player safety and performance in mind. Ideal for school gymnasiums and local rec centers that endure heavy foot traffic, Response™ is truly a surface for all seasons and skill levels.

With its built in Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, this flooring will instantly upgrade the resilience, support, comfort, and moisture resistance of your facility, and with reduced upfront installation costs and a swift, seamless installation process, our team of athletic flooring experts will be able to install your new Response™ in no time!

Maple Select™

Want that timeless look and feel of a hardwood basketball court, but don’t want to deal with all the expensive hustle and bustle to preserve its integrity? Our Maple Select™ surfaces are designed to replicate that natural wood appearance and performance while serving as a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative that’s ideal for commercial spaces.

Maple Select™ also comes in a variety of versions that offer varying shock absorption levels and technical specifications, depending on how advanced or versatile you want your basketball court surface to be.


Community spaces that are looking for more of an entry level athletic flooring option will need to consider the cost-effective advantages that our Defense™ sports flooring provides. Resilient, yet affordable, Defense™ also offers more customization options for commercial spaces to choose from, with more than 20 colors available to select!


Superior safety means quality playability. PowerGame+ is a perfect outdoor basketball court surface for public parks, playgrounds, or community centers. With its patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid that does wonders for reducing joint stress and minimizing skin abrasion, PowerGame+ is designed specifically with safety and security in mind!

Be sure to check out all of our innovative athletic flooring surfaces to find the best material for your commercial setting.

Contact us online to have any of your flooring-related questions answered by our team of basketball court design professionals!


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