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Residential Tennis Court Builder Services in Wisconsin

Your Trusted Wisconsin Tennis Court Builder

From the first serve to match point, there are few sports that combine the competitive spirit and recreational leisure quite like a tennis match with friends or family. Contact C&C Courts today for custom tennis court building services that get you closer to the game you love!

About Our Backyard Tennis Courts

  • Superior Safety & Support
    With our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, our custom at-home tennis courts are designed and installed to provide ultimate comfort and support with every step
  • Play Like a Pro
    We design and install surfaces that help capture the performance and feel of playing like a professional!
  • Completely Customize Your Court
    From choosing your colors to selecting which state-of-the-art surface material is best for your court, customize your backyard tennis court from the ground up!

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Professional Tennis Court Resurfacing Services

The better the playing surface, the better the performance. It’s that simple! At C&C Courts, we offer professional tennis court resurfacing services to cover up and enhance your existing tennis court, so you can get right back to the level of performance and support you need.

Improving shock absorption, upgrading ball response, increasing versatility; Whatever you wish to accomplish through our tennis court resurfacing services is our command! Our team of athletic flooring experts can overlay your existing court with any of our innovative surface materials, so you can keep your court looking and performing at its best for many years to come.

Check out all of our industry leading surface options to learn how resurfacing your residential tennis court court will instantly upgrade your game!

Superior Surfaces for Superior Performance

C&C Courts offers state of the art athletic flooring surfaces specifically engineered to provide you with one performance-enhancing advantage after another.

From minimizing injury risk to maximizing comfort, here are some of our select surfaces we recommend for building a long lasting, low-maintenance tennis court!


As one of the most advanced athletic surface technologies currently available on the market, PowerGame™ is designed to provide players with superior traction while using materials that are engineered to minimize abrasion, creating a safer environment for players of all ages.

PowerGame™ also features our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, which works to reduce joint stress and fatigue, so you can play longer without feeling too worn out.

Power Game Tile

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PowerGame+™ incorporates everything that makes our PowerGame™ surface an industry-leader, while focusing on providing players with more superior traction performance with its high impact polypropylene surface.

As the highest rated surface available on the market, PowerGame+™ lets you play like the professionals, all in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard!

Power Game Pro

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SportGame PB™

The perfect resurfacing option for your existing tennis court, our SportGame PB™ playing surface is designed to significantly reduce injury risk, as opposed to more conventional acrylic courts.

For families looking for a long-lasting investment that’s built for endurance, SportGame PB™ is the surface that will have you saying “goodbye” to constant repairs, demanding maintenance, and general wear and tear!

Sport Game PB Tile

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