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Indoor & Outdoor Athletic Courts for Wisconsin Homes

There’s No Place Like Home to Play

Building your own indoor or backyard game court means bringing your family and neighborhood closer together through the power of sports. Let our team of athletic flooring and surface specialists build you the custom court of your dreams, so you can enjoy year-round access to all the sports and recreational activities you love!

Custom Courts for Your Favorite Sports & Activities

Basketball, pickleball, tennis, volleyball, at-home gyms; you name it, we can build it! C&C Courts specializes in designing courts and surfaces that are engineered for better athletic performance and safer play, so you can cater to your passion of the love of the game.

About Our Residential Courts & Gyms

  • Innovative Athletic Flooring & Surface Technology
    C&C Courts offers a state of the art roster of athletic flooring and surface options that are specifically designed to provide superior comfort and support for all who play upon it.
  • Unrivaled Experience & High Quality Craftsmanship
    C&C Courts boasts over 30 years of court design and installation experience, helping Wisconsin families build the custom courts of their dreams and get them closer to the games they love.
  • Fast Quotes & Seamless Installation
    Ready to get the ball rolling on your new residential court project? C&C Courts offers all Wisconsin clients fast quotes and accurate pricing estimates, so you can better assess your budget moving forward.

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Putting the FUN in Fundamentals

From backyard buzzer beaters to family pickleball tournaments, our residential courts are intended to help families enhance their athletic skills while creating memory after memory in the process.

At C&C Courts, we believe that an active family is a happy family! Building a custom court that fits perfectly in your backyard and suits all your recreational needs is what we do best, and we’re eager to share our passion for play with all our Wisconsin customers.

And when you take advantage of our online Design-a-Court technology, you can bring your athletic vision to life by creating the ultimate customizable residential game court that brings out the most of your family’s energy and personality!

Take a look at all the surface options we have to offer to find the perfect athletic flooring option that adheres to all of your backyard or indoor fitness needs!

Make More Memories With the C&C Courts Advantage

Remember back to when you were a kid? Summer nights in the backyard, recreating your favorite sport moments, imitating your athletic idols? At C&C Courts, our goal is to capture the pure essence of sports by bringing the games you love home to your family and friends.

Our team of at-home court and athletic flooring specialists work hard to deliver the C&C Courts Advantage to everyone we work with, by performing a rigorous testing process on every athletic flooring surface we have to offer to ensure a seamless design and installation process.

C&C Courts makes sure every project we pursue encompasses all of the following features. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Safest Surfaces on the Market

The safer the surface, the less you have to worry about risk of injury!

Every residential court surface we design and install is engineered for maximum comfort and support, utilizing various shock absorption materials that allow for extreme tolerance and endurance.

Customize Every Design Feature

Size, colors, accessories; We want you to build a custom court that encompasses everything you love about the sports and activities you crave!

Every court design we create is unique and special to the customer we provide it for, and we can’t wait to collaborate with you to bring your court design vision to life.

Essential Accessories to Enhance Your Court

What’s a one-of-a-kind backyard basketball court without a state-of-the-art basketball hoop? All of our athletic flooring services can come equipped with a wide variety of court accessories intended to take your game to the next level!

Multi-purpose nets, ball containment fencing, outdoor lighting systems; Whatever accessories you need to enhance your home court, we’ll bring them to you!

Any Size, Any Space

Every backyard or interior space has its own sizing and spacing needs. That’s where the C&C Courts advantage comes in handy, as we can help you create and install a completely customized indoor or outdoor court that will abide to your exact sizing dimensions.

Any size, any space, any court!


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