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Commercial Pickleball Court Services in Wisconsin

Design Your Dream Pickleball Court!

It’s the game that everyone’s talking about! Jazz up your commercial gymnasium, fitness center, or public park with a customized pickleball court, courtesy of C&C Courts. Contact us today to start customizing your commercial pickleball court design!

Enhance Your Pickleball Play With Our Specialized Pickleball Court Surfaces

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About Our Commercial Pickleball Courts

  • Create Your Design From Scratch
    Utilize our Design-a-Court technology to give you total control on everything from the color schemes to court accessories for a truly unique gameplay experience!
  • Surfaces Built for Safety & Support
    We offer a variety of athletic flooring options engineered for players of all ages and skill levels, so your community has a safer, more supportive playing environment.
  • Seamless Installation & Flexible Financing Options
    Our team of pickleball court specialists will have your new game court installed in a matter of days, and we’ll work around your budgetary needs as much as we can!

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Download Our SportGame™ PB Brochure

Take a closer look at how SportGame™ PB is the premier athletic flooring for commercial pickleball usage.

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An Active Community Is a Happier Community!

It’s a little bit of tennis, a touch of badminton, and a pinch of ping-pong. It’s pickleball – the game that’s taking the world by storm!

Whether installed in your local rec center or a public park, pickleball is the perfect recreational activity that will bring residents, students, and community members alike together and promote a healthier, active lifestyle.

Pickleball is a game that’s suited for players of all ages and skill levels, making a customized pickleball court the perfect addition for facilities that range in age of participants, such as field houses or churches. At C&C Courts, we’re firm believers that an active community is a happier community, which is why we’ve dedicated our business to equipping commercial spaces with the recreational resources they need to cater to the health and wellness of all those who occupy it!

Take a look at all of the athletic surface options we have to offer to help you choose a supportive and resilient indoor or outdoor pickleball court that best suits your playing environment!

Give Your Community the C&C Courts Advantage

At C&C Courts, our goal is to do more than create and install commercial game courts that are as durable as they are safe; we want to design recreational environments that will help make more memories in your community for many years to come!

That’s why we offer all of our Wisconsin clients the C&C Courts Advantage, which is a promise from us to do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations when it comes to custom commercial pickleball court installation.

Every commercial game court project we pursue offers a variety of complimentary benefits!

Low-Maintenance Solutions

Premium performance that doesn’t require constant attention and upkeep? That’s our goal! Our commercial pickleball courts are engineered specifically to require minimal maintenance to preserve their integrity, performance, and appearance.

You won’t have to spend precious time, money, and energy into ensuring your pickleball court looks and feels its best!

Accommodate Any Space

Our team of athletic flooring specialists will be able to assess your commercial space and find the perfect sizing dimensions that will best accommodate your surroundings.

Public parks, school gymnasiums, retirement homes; Whatever commercial space you have to offer, we’ll be sure to design and install a pickleball court that fits and blends in perfectly!

Multi-Sport Compatibility

Want to offer your community more than just pickleball? We provide commercial multi-sport courts that are able to host and cater to just about any sport or recreational activity you can think of!

Perfect for playgrounds and spaces where recreational activity is frequent, our multi-sport game courts are ideal for commercial spaces that are constantly active.

Free Quotes & Seamless Installation

One thing you can guarantee from our work? We’ll work as fast and efficiently as possible to design and install the commercial pickleball court of your dreams!

We offer free quotes on all game court construction projects, so you can best assess your budget moving forward. Plus, our seamless installation process will have your new pickleball court up and running in only a few days!


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