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Residential Basketball Courts In Wisconsin

Give Your Backyard Home Court Advantage

From backyard buzzer beaters to weekend family H-O-R-S-E tournaments, nothing gives you home court advantage like building your very own backyard basketball court! Contact us today to get started designing the basketball court of your dreams.

About Our Residential Basketball Courts

  • Built to Fit, Built to Last
    We can find a court size to fit any backyard or indoor space and ensure that every inch of detail exceeds your expectations.
  • Cutting Edge Playing Surface Options
    We’ll help you choose the right playing surface to suit your performance, endurance, and safety needs!.
  • Fast Quotes on All Projects
    Take advantage of same-day design and installation quotes, as well as no obligation project estimates to assess your scheduling and budgetary requirements.

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Practice Like a Professional

We here at C&C Courts want to share our passion for the game of basketball with all of our Wisconsin clients who share our enthusiasm for the sport. We don’t just want to build your everyday basketball court so you can shoot and dribble in the comfort of your own backyard – we want you to practice like a professional!

By utilizing our Design-a-Court technology, you can completely customize your backyard basketball court to create a truly one-of-a-kind playing experience. Colors, sizing, and surface; If you can envision it, we will design it and install it for you!

No matter what outdoor space we’re looking out, we can install everything from smaller shooting courts as small as 20 x 25 feet to exact replica half courts at 30 x 50 feet!

But the customization doesn’t stop there. Upgrade your game with all of our court accessories we have to offer, from state of the art basketball hoops to ball containment fences to court light systems and more.

Whatever it takes to build your very own basketball utopia, we’re up to the challenge!

Superior Athletic Surfaces to Elevate Your Game

You can’t just trust anyone with your indoor or outdoor basketball court installation. For over 30 years, C&C Courts has been helping Wisconsin homeowners bring their basketball dreams to life, with our team of reputable, experienced athletic flooring designers who are committed to providing you with the highest quality of comfort and performance when it comes to your residential basketball flooring.

Professional-worthy basketball courts start with professional-quality court surfaces, and we have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor athletic flooring that’s designed for safer play, maximum comfort, and superior performance.

Choose from any of the following surface designs to enhance your backyard basketball experience!

PowerGame+ & PowerGame

Love basketball but want a backyard game court that’s not limited to dribbling and shooting? Our PowerGame+ and PowerGame™ Pro + playing surfaces are built to endure extensive foot traffic in everything from basketball games, to tennis tournaments, to dodgeball matches.

These are superior outdoor playing surfaces that combine abrasion protection and dry traction, meaning your Wisconsin family and friends can reap the benefits of having the most advanced athletic surface technology for multi-sport play – right in your backyard.

With its superior combination of abrasion protection and dry traction, PowerGame is the surface that’s built to host heavy foot traffic for many years to come. Anyone looking to harness all of the versatility and performance of PowerGame, but with even more shock absorption, custom design choices, and a 15-year limited warranty will want to step it up with our innovative PowerGame+ outdoor athletic flooring!

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SportGame™ is one of the few industry leading outdoor sports flooring surfaces that’s engineered for high octane basketball play and performance.

Utilizing our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, SportGame™ absorbs shock and lessens the impact, allowing for a smoother playing surface that significantly reduces injury risk. That means you can practice as hard as you play without feeling the after-effects the next day.

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