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Residential Pickleball Courts in Wisconsin

Customize Your Backyard Pickleball Court

Get in on all the action with the game that’s sweeping the nation! Let C&C Courts get you started on customizing your own backyard pickleball court, and contact us today to learn more about our pickleball court installation process!

About Our Residential Pickleball Courts

  • Personalize Your Pickleball Court
    From sizing dimensions to installing multi-court surfacing, our team will work with whatever outdoor or indoor spacing and design requirements are!
  • Superior Surfaces for Superior Performance
    We offer a variety of innovative athletic flooring materials to choose from, designed specifically so players of all ages can safely enjoy game after game!
  • Swift & Seamless Installation Process
    Our team of athletic flooring specialists will work directly with you to ensure all your expectations are exceeded throughout our pickleball court installation process!

View Our Pickleball Court Work

A Game for All Generations to Enjoy

Tennis, badminton, ping-pong; Essentially every paddle sport has its influence on pickleball, the game that’s quickly becoming one of the most popular leisure activities that people of all ages can get in on all the fun!

Pickleball can be played both indoors or outdoors, utilizing a slightly modified tennis net while being played with a paddle and plastic ball with holes. Just as with tennis, pickleball can be played as doubles or singles, and is recommended for people of any age and skill level.

At C&C Courts, our mission is to help more Wisconsin families reap the physical and mental benefits of bonding together over at-home recreational activities. Using our Design-a-Court technology, we can bring your residential game court vision to life, taking all of your sizing and aesthetic needs to create a truly unique recreational experience.

And with our seamless installation process and exclusive flooring warranties, you can rest assured that your new indoor or outdoor pickleball court will provide memory after memory, for many years to come!

Home Court Advantage With C&C Courts

For over 30 years, C&C Courts has designed and installed high-performance indoor and outdoor athletic flooring surfaces to families all throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Our innovative, customizable game courts are built with state of the art technologies and materials that are engineered to maximize support and comfort, allowing for safer and more enjoyable play.

Having home court advantage courtesy of C&C Courts means reaping the benefits of our industry leading standards!

Maximum Endurance & Durability

C&C Courts only installs customized backyard pickleball courts that are specifically designed with optimal performance in mind.

Our shock absorption materials provide a more stable, secure playing environment, while our UV stabilizers ensure a flawless appearance that won’t sacrifice its appearance or performance over time.

Superior Safety & Support

With our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ technology, our residential pickleball courts are designed to reduce the impact caused by any quick shifts in direction.

This works to minimize the risk of any potential injuries, allowing for a safer surface that will give any parent more peace of mind!

Immaculate Ball Response

Every bounce is a perfect bounce when you install our innovative athletic flooring surfaces!

Choose from our selection of patented athletic flooring materials that are engineered for ultimate ball response performance, providing you and your family professional-like quality for every serve and spike!

Industry-Leading Technologies

All of our innovative indoor and outdoor playing surfaces can cater to any gameplay and performance preferences.

You can emphasize outstanding ball control with our SportGame PB™ material, giving you a chance to play like a pro with the award-winning feel of one of the highest rated surfaces available on the market!


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