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Residential Padel Court Installation In Wisconsin

Personalize Your At-Home Padel Court

Take part in the game that’s taking over the world: Padel! C&C Courts creates and installs custom indoor and outdoor Padel courts in Wisconsin, implementing innovative surface materials and technologies to help you play like a pro. Contact us today to learn more about our Padel court installation process.

About Our Residential Padel Courts

  • Customize Your Padel Play Experience
    C&C Courts will work directly with you to customize your Padel court completely, from finalizing the colors of your court to helping you choose the right surface material.
  • Superior Surfaces for Superior Support
    Our industry-leading athletic flooring materials are designed for maximum comfort and support, ensuring a safer, more secure gameplay experience.
  • Consult With Our Expert Court Designers
    Our backyard court and athletic flooring designers are here to answer all your court installation questions and ensure all your expectations are exceeded.

Bring the Fastest Growing Sport to Your Wisconsin Home!

It’s tennis. It’s squash. It’s racquetball. It’s one of the fastest-growing sports that’s taking the nation by storm. It’s… PADEL!

While the game of Padel has been a fan favorite in other parts of the world for decades, the demand for more Padel courts in the U.S. has grown feverishly over the past few years, especially with its gameplay similarities to Pickleball, the other game that Wisconsinites have recently fallen in love with. So, what exactly is Padel?

Think of Padel as the cooler cousin of tennis and the slightly more competitive version of pickleball. It's played on a smaller court, with walls surrounding the perimeter, and instead of a traditional tennis racquet, you're wielding a paddle.

The beauty of Padel lies in its accessibility and adaptability. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a newbie looking for some fun, Padel welcomes players of all ages and skill levels.

Play Padel in Your Backyard With C&C Courts

C&C Courts specializes in installing two types of Padel courts: Pillar and Panoramic, depending on sizing and spacing requirements as well as whether you’re trying to install an indoor or outdoor Padel court.

Our Padel courts feature an enclosed space, adding an extra layer of excitement as you strategize your shots and anticipate your opponent's moves.

Whether you're playing a competitive doubles match with friends or volleying with the family, Padel brings people together in a way that's both energizing and exhilarating. If you’re interested in installing your very own Padel court, you can bring your vision to life by utilizing our Design-a-Court technology!

Built to Last. Built With Precision. Built for FUN.

When you partner with us, you're choosing the pinnacle of backyard court design and athletic flooring installation: the C&C Courts Advantage. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your game court is not just a surface but a foundation for years of enjoyment and performance.

First and foremost, our premium courts boast exclusive warranties, guaranteeing protection against wear and tear even after extensive use. And that's just the beginning of what you'll enjoy with the C&C Courts Advantage.

Here’s what you can expect to experience when you choose us to install your brand-new Padel court:

Perfect Ball Response

With our patented athletic flooring options, you'll experience unmatched ball response, ensuring the ideal bounce for every serve and volley.

Say goodbye to unpredictable rebounds and hello to precision play!

Enhanced Safety & Stability

Safety is paramount, which is why every Padel court we install incorporates our innovative Lateral Forgiveness™ technology. This feature reduces the impact of sudden movements, lowering the risk of injuries.

The textured surface and advanced tile formulation of SportsGame PB offer superior traction, promoting secure gameplay in any weather condition.

Plus, it minimizes skin abrasions, providing peace of mind for players of all skill levels.

Professional-Grade Performance

To play like a pro, you need a surface designed like one. Our patented SportGame PB surface is tailored to your specific preferences, ensuring optimal performance and safety for players of all ages.

With over four decades of experience in Padel court construction, maintenance, and service, you can trust us to deliver a residential court that exceeds expectations and stands the test of time.


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