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Residential Ice Rink Services in Wisconsin

Build Your Custom Backyard Ice Rink With C&C Courts

C&C Courts is your Wisconsin source for professional home ice rink installation, offering custom design capabilities to build your dream ice rink within the comfort of your backyard. Contact us today to learn more about our backyard ice rink installation process!

About Our Backyard Ice Rinks

  • Upgrade Your Skating Environment
    From exterior fencing systems to outdoor lighting fixtures, choose from a wide range of accessories to upgrade your backyard ice rink!
  • Customize Your Ice Rink
    Replicate your favorite ice hockey arena or host different games for all seasons with our custom backyard ice rink design and installation process!
  • Same Day Quotes & Exclusive Warranties
    Get a same day quote on your backyard ice rink project, and take advantage of our industry leading warranties to protect your recreational investment!

View Our Backyard Ice Rink Work

Skating Never Felt More Safe & Secure!

No more dealing with packed community skating centers or driving out to frozen ponds to get your skate on! At C&C Courts, we design and install backyard ice rinks engineered for superior skating performance, while offering a safer, more secure skating environment for you and your family.

Whether you wish to build your own custom-designed backyard ice rink or you want to save some money by installing flooding and freezing capabilities on your existing outdoor game court, our team of athletic flooring specialists has the experience, materials, and resources necessary to bring your ice rink vision to life.

Practicing your pirouettes or perfecting your slap shot has never been easier with residential ice rink services courtesy of C&C Courts!

Making Memories That Can Last a Lifetime

For over 30 years, we here at C&C Courts have been dedicated to helping Wisconsin families construct residential game courts and backyard ice rinks that are built to last and ready to host one memory after another.

From family hockey games to teaching first-time skaters, having your very own ice rink will help bring you and your loved ones closer together and create a winter wonderland in the comfort of your backyard.

Want to learn more about our industry-leading backyard ice rink installation services? Get started on your project with a free quote and start skating in no time!


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