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Pickleball Court Surfaces Engineered for Superior Performance

C&C Courts is your top choice for installing premium pickleball court surfaces throughout Wisconsin. Our court surfaces are manufactured with innovative materials and advanced technologies that are engineered to ensure unparalleled performance, safety, and comfort for your residential or commercial pickleball court. Elevate your pickleball experience!

About Our Pickleball Court Surfaces

  • Tailored to Your Performance Preferences
    Whether you desire vibrant colors, optimal comfort, or top-notch quality for your new pickleball court, our customizable court surfaces will work to enhance your game.
  • Unmatched Safety & Support
    Select from a diverse range of court surfaces designed to prioritize cushioned support that sets a new standard for safe and supportive playing conditions.
  • Collaborate With Our Court Designers
    Collaborate with our skilled team of pickleball court designers to create the ideal indoor or outdoor pickleball court that will seamlessly integrate into your space.

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Experience the Difference of Superior Surface Performance 

C&C Courts has partnered with SportMaster© to design and install pickleball court surfaces that align perfectly with your aesthetic and performance preferences. With an array of innovative anti-slip materials and plenty of paint options to choose from, our aim is to provide complete customization for your new pickleball court, ensuring a truly exceptional and unique design you’ll be proud of for many years to come. 

Utilizing the PickleMaster™ System by SportMaster©, our courts boast slip-resistant surfaces engineered for superior durability and longevity. 

You can also take advantage of ColorPlus™ technology, offering 17 standard color options to achieve a stunning and vibrant look that’s sure to enhance your pickleball playing experience. Our team of expert court designers will collaborate closely with you to understand and implement all of your pickleball court vision and expectations. 

From indoor to outdoor court surfaces, we deliver fully customized designs that are guaranteed to make your court the envy of the neighborhood all year long!

Enhance Your Pickleball Experience With C&C Courts

Are you as passionate about pickleball as we are? If so, it's time to elevate your game and play on a court designed for the ultimate pickleball experience! 

Partnering with C&C Courts and SportMaster© to design and install your new court surface guarantees numerous benefits.

Cutting-Edge Comfort

SportMaster© offers pickleball enthusiasts the opportunity to play on their ProCushion System, meticulously crafted for unparalleled comfort and support.

Featuring shock-absorbing layers and a resilient 100% acrylic coating system, these surfaces provide a cushioned playing experience without compromising on durability or performance.

Layers of Purpose

Each layer of SportMaster© pickleball court surfaces serves a distinct purpose, engineered to enhance your playing experience.

From rubberized coats that minimize body fatigue to acrylic surfaces that can be installed over existing asphalt or concrete, every layer contributes to a superior playing surface.

Personalized Color Options

Your pickleball court should reflect your unique style and personality. With the ColorPlus™ System from SportMaster©, you can choose from 17 standard colors and explore additional options with ColorPlus Fusion blends to create a court design that's truly an original work of art!

Effortless Maintenance

Say goodbye to constant upkeep worries! SportMaster© pickleball court surfaces are designed for exceptional strength and durability, ensuring your court has an enhanced resistance to wear and tear.

With our innovative court surfaces, you can spend less time worrying about your court and more time perfecting your game.


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